How Saasly helped Europe’s one of the top GPS fleet tracking systems with synchronization of two Freshdesk systems?





How Saasly helped Europe’s one of the top GPS fleet tracking systems with synchronization of two Freshdesk systems?

About Customer

Teletrac Navman provides cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software headquartered in California with offices in the United Kingdom. They approached us for integration between multiple Freshdesk accounts.

Challenges faced by the customer

Before the application, their process would be

  • They have two Freshdesk accounts, one for dedicated customer support (Domino’s) and the other for technical support (GM).
  • As per their operation, Domino’s agent will assist the customer with queries. If the queries require technical intervention, they raise this ticket to the GM account where the technical person will look into the query and if needed, a Service Task will be created and the technician will visit the customer and resolve the query.

Here, they faced difficulty keeping track of escalated tickets in GM. Also, the agents from Dominos lacked visibility on the process happening on the other side. The only way of getting visibility is to update the tickets manually across two accounts and communication notifications need to be updated on either side which is a frustrating and time-consuming task. The manual update is prone to miscommunication. The lack of an integration posed the following key challenges for the company:

  • Lacks visibility on the process
  • Escalation is a time-consuming and tedious process.
  • Synchronizing tickets is humdrum.
  • The manual update may cause miscommunication in the context.

They approached us for automating the process which helps them to focus much on customer satisfaction. They chose our application for:

  • Automated Parent-Child Ticketing across different Freshdesk accounts.
  • Complete visibility on the process.
  • Automated ticket synchronization saved them from this monotonous work.
  • Enhanced the communication between different Freshdesk accounts for conversation, canned responses, automation rules, etc.

Project Outcome

  • The custom integration has been published in both the Freshdesk accounts thereby introducing a new feature - Automated Parent-Child Ticketing across different Freshdesk accounts to have higher visibility and traceability of their tickets.
  • Ticket delegation to the agent in the multiple Freshdesk accounts and cascading process to Field Service agent of a particular group is automated with the custom application. Thus, establishing multi-level ticket synchronization that provided better visibility in the communication process from all levels of Stakeholders.
  • Monitoring and Tracking the Customer’s requisite until it is fulfilled. This process involves a lot of data cleansing and casting the existing open tickets to maintain the seamless flow to deliver satisfying services to the customers
  • Synchronization of Automation rules and other properties between parent and child tickets across multiple accounts.
  • Enhances the communication between Dominos and GM account by enabling the communication notification, canned responses, and tag addition functionalities.