How Saasly’s app uplifted 40% of SLA’s time to one of the leading banking customer in MENAT region?
How Saasly’s app uplifted 40% of SLA’s time to one of the leading banking customer in MENAT region?




MENAT region

How Saasly’s app uplifted 40% of SLA’s time to one of the leading banking customer in MENAT region?

About Customer

One of the leading Banking Groups in the MENAT region, approached us for the integration in Freshchat to increase their productivity and customer relationship. The Group has operations in the UAE, Egypt, India, Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Russia and Bahrain.

Goal (Challenge)

Prior to the scheduler app they were dependent on Freshchat to manage their customer chats and user requests/tickets but then they couldn’t achieve their SLA’s for the VIP customers. Being a leading bank in UAE with a huge range of customers, they couldn’t manage the customers effectively based on the priority. However, the incoming chats posed challenges in delivering customer happiness and maintaining good customer relations. Besides facing the risk of customer dissatisfaction, the lack of an integration posed the following key challenges for the company:

  • Difficulty in monitoring and following up on a customer's request.
  • Not able to achieve the SLA’s for the segregated customers.
  • Inability to prioritize the customers.
  • Incapabilities in Agents’ performance evaluation.
  • Analyse and understand customer behaviour. With the customer expanding and increasing day by day, it was crucial for them to focus on customer satisfaction. This they did by incorporating a scheduler app. They chose the scheduler app for:
  • Its ability to segregate the chats as per the priority as soon as the chat comes into Freshchat to achieve the SLA.
  • Assigning the chats to the active agents to respond immediately which would improve customer happiness.
  • Based on the availability of the agents the admin can set the number of tickets to be assigned via the scheduler app.

The solution we provided

  • The extension was installed in the Freshchat thereby seamlessly using out-of-the-box capabilities such as prioritizing, scheduling and assigning the chats.
  • The admin can configure the settings as per the flow of the requests from the customer per day.
  • With the Scheduler app, the user is able to respond to its customers within the SLA. The app has made it possible for the user to reply to every chat and resolve every complaint with continuous follow up combined with the least possibility of missing any chats.
  • Scheduling features have given the agents a chance to monitor their daily or weekly tickets. The management now has access to performance measurement data and identifies performance based incentives based on user happiness delivered by an agent.
  • With the second response feature, agents are able to keep track of reopened chats and follow up with customers as quickly as possible.
  • By integrating the priority feature, agents at the bank are now able to respond to customer queries very quickly and has helped the agents to improve the relationship with the customer as well.

In a very interesting use case, the scheduler app has helped the customer to improve the relationship with the customer and to resolve their queries within SLA. The VIP/ Regular customer should not wait for the issue to be solved.

Further on to this use case, the incoming chats can be segregated based on the priority groups and the relevant active group agents can respond to a chat which would improve the efficiency and reduce the response time.