How Saasly’s app curtailed the pain of mundane job for our logistic and transport company from US region?




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How Saasly’s app curtailed the pain of mundane job for our logistic and transport company from US region?

About Customer

HMM is a global integrated logistics company providing transport services and one of the world’s top ocean carriers, approached us for the integration in Freshdesk to increase their productivity. HMM has a vast global network of 7 regional headquarters, 24 subsidiaries, 60 branch offices, 5 overseas offices, and 3 container terminals around the world.

Challenges faced by the customer

Over the course of the project, Spritle developed a dedicated custom application to resolve their pain points between Hubspot (CRM), Freshdesk (Ticketing System), Google Drive (File System), and Dashboard Report (HMM Website). Their Dealer management process involves a lot of mundane manual work. Being a large logistics company, they use different tools to maintain the complete lifecycle of deals that happen in HMM. Initially, the customer starts deals in their Freshdesk and their team needs to create deals in HubSpot based on the ticket details. And added to that ticket files should be saved in Shared Google Drive for the deal created in HubSpot. Then shared folders and deal files should be saved in the HubSpot deal. HMM, website internally connects Hubspot and provides the dashboard report of deals for their internal/stakeholder teams. This Deal Management is done manually by the HMM team.

This process had completely automated by our custom application which involves

  • Process requestor email and validation of Ticket details
  • Isolate data based on different file formats - permutations and combinations
  • Topmost Deal creation and Management in Hubspot
  • Create a connection between Hubspot & Freshdesk for data sharing
  • Data bank (Shared Google Drive) that act as a repository to store all the files related to the deals
  • Publishing the required data in the desired format in their website for Stakeholder Dashboard.

Project outcome

  • The extension was installed in the Freshdesk and middleware Node App hosted on the server, thereby seamlessly using out-of-the-box capabilities such as validating tickets, creating deals, uploading files, and publishing to the website.
  • The admin can configure the credential settings of Shared Drive and HubSpot.
  • With the custom application, the agent can create HMM Deal inside the Freshdesk portal.
  • The Deal creation process involves creating a deal in HubSpot, uploading files to Shared Google Drive, and publishing deals to websites.

In this challenging use case, the custom integration has helped the customer to automate a lot of mundane manual work and improves operational time.

Further, on to this use case, the user can add additional files to the existing HMM Deal, the custom application stores the files in a respective shared drive, updates the HubSpot Deal, and publishes deals to the website.