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About Zendesk

Zendesk offers a range of customer service and engagement products designed to help businesses connect with their customers. They focus on providing tools for support, sales, and customer experience management. Their products aim to streamline communication, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive meaningful interactions, making them a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their customer relationships.


Zendesk App Developer Partner

Driven by our dedication to exceptional customer service and leveraging the renowned Zendesk software, we create effective customer experience solutions that empower you to nurture robust customer relationships, maintain your competitiveness, and boost your revenue.

Having a Technology Alliance partnership with Zendesk enables us to smoothly integrate their technological solutions into the Zendesk platform. This collaboration grants us access to invaluable resources and expertise, empowering us to create integration apps for users of the Zendesk marketplace.

Our solutions are built on Zendesk's marketplace, gaining good customer reviews and meeting their expectations to enhance the apps in the marketplace to the next level.

Our Zendesk services

  • Apps development

    We develop marketplace apps, Custom apps, Themes and partnership enablement for different 3rd party SaaS products. We create applications that facilitate seamless integration with third-party platforms, such as ChatGPT, Prestatoshop, Apple Store, YouTube, HubSpot, and numerous others. Additionally, we design custom applications tailored to meet specific, individual requirements.

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  • Consultation & Operational upliftments

    We assist in shaping your customer experience strategy, whether it involves optimizing your current Zendesk configuration to unlock its full potential or providing insights on how Zendesk can align with your strategic objectives.

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  • Zendesk Comprehensive Solutions

    Built upon the robust Zendesk software, we construct top-tier omnichannel solutions. Our services encompass everything from laying the groundwork to orchestrating comprehensive enterprise solutions. We manage licensing, guarantee customization and seamless migration, and provide structured training and support.

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  • Partnerships Enablement

    We focus on our core strengths and collaborate with top-tier technology providers. Our partners are specialists in their respective domains, and through our joint efforts, we deliver tailored solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

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Apps developed by us for Zendesk


ChatGPT Helper by Saasly for Zendesk

Optimize your customer support with ChatGPT...

Price: $2/Agent/Month

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Prestashop Multistore for Zendesk

This integration enables quick retrieval of recent order data...

Price: $5/Agent/Month

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Hubspot CRM Connect for Zendesk

Seamlessly integrate HubSpot with Zendesk for easy access to HubSpot...

Price: $5/Agent/Month

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