How Saasly’s app helped the customer to align their customer quires seamlessly to automate with Ticketing system?
How Saasly’s app helped the customer to align their customer quires seamlessly to  automate with Ticketing system?





How Saasly’s app helped the customer to align their customer quires seamlessly to automate with Ticketing system?

About Customer

Travix is a global online travel company operating in 39 countries from offices in the Netherlands, Dubai, India, Singapore, the UK, and the USA. With our 5 brands and an extensive portfolio of 43 websites, we are the market leader in several countries and growing rapidly on all continents.

Challenges faced by the customer

Prior to our solutions and strategies, they have to constantly switch between Trustpilot accounts to manually check the customer reviews, queries, and contact information for their multiple business accounts. That had been a tedious process when their domain and traffic rate increase for their brand, which of course, consumes a lot of time and effort for their stakeholders, also sometimes leads to missing few reviews and leaving their customers unaddressed. And then, they have handled other conversation channels to communicate and collect feedback from the customers. Most of the time, the customer may not experience an active connection and engagement with the company. This was also a serious pain point for the client to resolve tickets and deliver the right value & trust to the customers

Besides facing the risk of customer dissatisfaction, the lack of an integration posed the following key challenges for the company:

  • Difficulty in monitoring and following up on a customer's feedback.
  • Inability to prioritize the customers.
  • In capabilities in Agents’ performance evaluation.
  • Analyze and understand customer behavior.

With the number of customers expanding and increasing day by day, it was crucial for them to focus on customer satisfaction. When they came to Spritle, we envisioned the solution of standing in the customer's shoes. Developed a dynamic custom-made scheduler application to untangle their complex issues in the process.

They chose the scheduler app for:

  • The ability to sync reviews from all business units no matter how big their network.
  • Syncing every review into their Freshdesk instance to eliminate time spent on switching accounts in Trustpilot.
  • They can select for which business unit they have to manage reviews and also monitor the time spent on the issues that have been raised by the user.
  • The application works all round the clock and made smooth for the agent/customer and stakeholders to resolve
  • Also, made a way for the stakeholders to focus on the productive tasks and enhance the business operations efficiently.

Project Outcome

  • The solution we have provided is via a custom application which they have to enable by providing their Freshdesk and Trustpilot credentials.
  • The admin can configure the settings as per the flow of the requests from the customer per day. Like for which business units they have to monitor user reviews.
  • With the Scheduler app, the user can respond to its customers within the Freshdesk for a Trustpilot review without switching to another browser tab and constantly switching their business accounts. The app has made it possible for the customer to reply to every review for multiple business units.

"Spritle made it possible to create a connection between Trustpilot and Freshdesk and made it possible to use Freshdesk to communicate with our customers leaving reviews on Trustpilot."

Andrea van de Water Travix Omni Channel manager customer support
  • By enabling the app, the client has given their agents a chance to monitor their daily or weekly time spent on their tickets to maintain their KPIs and SLA.
  • The management now has access to performance measurement data and identifies performance-based incentives based on user happiness delivered by an agent.
  • With the second response feature, agents are able to keep track of reopened tickets and follow up with the users as quickly as possible.

In a very interesting use case, the scheduler app has helped the customer to improve the relationship with their customer and to resolve their queries from Freshdesk with no time.