What Is SaaS Integration & How It Is Helpful For The Organization


What Is SaaS Integration & How It Is Helpful For The Organization

Lee Robinson


- September 27, 2022

4 min read

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SaaS integration is defined as the process of operationally connecting SaaS solutions to other separate computer systems or applications into a single larger system, allowing each solution to functionally work together. The Google Suite is a great example of simple SaaS integration. Well, that is the direct textbook answer but to say it more simply said: Integrating SaaS acts like a hub that connects multiple platforms into one solid bit. Now enough with the basics let's delve a bit more into what SaaS integration is!

How SaaS integration Functions

SaaS integration is a process where a SaaS application is connected to a cloud-based application. This is achieved with the help of an API that helps sand connect both these individual platforms allowing free and easy transfer of data/information. After connectivity is connected they can access or request access to the data or information that is shared. So well SaaSly helps you with the API by creating an integration medium with our partnership with fresh works and Zoho. The reason why this is necessary is that the information transmitted from the cloud-based application cannot be directly forwarded to the Freshworks service desk or any of the SaaS-oriented platforms. Hence this ultimately results in the need for a SaaS integrator and that's why we at SaaSly have got your back!

Types of SaaS integration

Horizontal SaaS integration - Well-known cloud services like Salesforce, Microsoft, Slack, Hubspot, etc. adopt a horizontal SaaS framework. The horizontal model enables large companies to effectively and efficiently manage their operations while serving a wide range of customers from various industries. The model makes it simpler for them to expand or bundle their offering. They can therefore broaden their offerings to include a range of SaaS categories under a single roof. For instance, Google and Microsoft created communication tools in the form of Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams, respectively. Vertical SaaS integration- Vertical SaaS solutions are developed to focus on a particular or specialized industry. Examples include trade, insurance, or an underserved market. The approach concentrates on the verticals of the industry and develops remedies for its problems. For instance, Toast software for the restaurant business or Guidewire, a SaaS service that only develops software for the insurance industry.

Our role in this process

The objective of a SaaS solution is to ease up the process of continuously switching different tabs and complicating the process of moving from one application to another. So the way SaaSly helps is by creating a connector for the application to access a CRM so that they can access it free of any hassle and save time and increase work efficiency. We have previously worked with one such company that had requested a connector to integrate their WhatsApp provider service to the service desk and gladly obliged by helping them out. So in short SaaSly helps integrate cloud-based or any application to a CRM or any SaaS solution.

How do we make it easy for you?

Well while it might seem simple there is a great deal of difference that has a huge impact on productivity. Moving through applications or pages can be tiresome and can make you lose track of what you are working on. So with the help of SaaSly, the entire process is made smooth by helping you integrate and connect to an API to a SaaS extension or application.

In conclusion

Integration of SaaS applications can quicken, ease, and make the tasks of a user or an organization much easier and smoother than what it is. easily helps in connecting you to these applications to make your work life smooth easy and efficient!