Shopify order management in Freshdesk


Shopify order management in Freshdesk

Lee Robinson


- October 12, 2022

3 min read

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Hasn't it been quite a hassle to deal with all these complications of managing countless offers that come from your Shopify buyers? It certainly is one huge struggle to keep a track of all the incoming and outgoing orders and reviews, this is where we come in. So let's see how this process could be made much easier without many complications

What we do

The Shopify app for Freshdesk connects your Shopify businesses and makes it simple to give outstanding assistance to each shopper at every level, anytime, and everywhere. The tool pulls client information from connected Shopify businesses and displays it in Freshdesk, giving you immediate access to recent orders, payment status, and shipment data. Without switching screens, agents can make order changes, full or partial refunds, and other alterations. So in layman's terms, the software can be accessed freely to lessen the burden of fellow Shopify sellers while at the same time helping them manage the overall flow with minimal or zero restrictions.

How it works

If you have more than one, you may connect all of your Shopify stores to a single Freshdesk account. When a customer contacts you, you may view their orders in Freshdesk from any of these stores. When a visitor abandons a cart, personalize and trigger communications from Freshdesk to find out if they are having any troubles before they submit their issue. You can also automate feedback collecting using Freshdesk's proactive outreach for Shopify merchants. Switching between your Shopify stores and your helpdesk software for every refund or return request generated by your clients might be onerous as a support representative. You may manage all of these requests inside Freshdesk with this connection. After then, each order is completed.

Overall breakdown

  • Provide contextual assistance and reply to consumer inquiries more quickly
  • Cancel or refund client orders straight from Freshdesk, with the option to choose the reason for the cancellation.
  • Handle full or partial refunds by your company's policies; for example, exclude shipping expenses and return just the remaining amount.
  • Use the shipment information to acquire real-time updates from the carrier on the progress of the customer's order.
  • To respond to customer queries faster, use pre-defined prepared replies with dynamic data such as the client's order status or order number.
  • Manage and link numerous shops
  • Automate the assignment of tickets to the appropriate team by developing rules.

In conclusion

The use of such an application plays an important role by making excruciatingly boring and taxing tasks much easier and more convenient. That is exactly what we at Saasly like to do by ensuring that you do not face any hurdles along the path that you take and that you manage to handle all your acting and issues under one single platform, Hence why we integrate your Shopify to Freshdesk.