Logistics Industry: Sync Monday.com with Freshservice to Automate BOLs!


Logistics Industry: Sync Monday.com with Freshservice to Automate BOLs!

Lee Robinson


Lee Robinson

Bharathkumar M

- March 22, 2024

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Monday.com Freshdesk Integration

Freshservice and Monday.com Integration

Blending tools and platforms is key to maintaining operational efficiency. Freshservice excels in IT service management, while Monday.com is ideal for keeping operations on track. Combining these platforms can supercharge your workflow, making tasks smoother, processes simpler, and productivity soar.

Integration Features

Item Creation on Monday.com

Monday.com Freshdesk Integration
Monday.com Freshdesk Integration

When a ticket is created in Freshservice, it automatically triggers the creation of a new item on the designated board on Monday.com. This ensures that all relevant information is captured and updated across both platforms in real time.

For example, imagine a scenario where two teams in a logistics company use Freshservice and Monday.com. If an employee from the shipping team needs the bill of lading (BOL) to be provided to the shipper, they can raise a ticket in Freshservice, which will automatically create a new item in the Legal Advisory board on Monday.com. This streamlines the process and ensures the proper BOL with the authorized signature is provided for shipping.

Update Sync from Monday to Freshservice

Any updates made to an item on Monday.com are automatically synchronised with the corresponding Freshservice ticket. This synchronization ensures that all information is updated across both platforms, reducing the risk of confusion or misinformation.

For example, if a task is marked as completed on Monday.com, the corresponding ticket in Freshservice will be updated to reflect this change. This feature helps teams stay aligned and ensures everyone is working with the most current information.

Now, coming back to the Scenario, where the Legal Advisory team on Monday.com is updating the Status of the BOL form open to completed, immediately the shipping employee will get the Completed status info of the BOL in Freshservice.

Consider if the BOL is attached to the item of Mondy.com, the Shipping agent in Freshservice will automatically have BOL attachments in the ticket itself. They can download the document from the ITSM and they are ready for the shipments.

Benefits of Integration

The integration of Freshservice and Monday.com offers several key benefits, making it simpler for employees to get the BOL automatically from another team that uses a different system, according to the logistics scenarios.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

By streamlining processes and eliminating manual data entry, the integration improves workflow efficiency. Team members can focus on more strategic tasks, leading to increased productivity and better outcomes.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Bi-directional communication between Freshservice and Monday.com promotes seamless collaboration. Team members can easily share information and updates, leading to better decision-making and improved project outcomes.

Increased Agent Productivity

The automation provided by the integration helps boost agent productivity. Agents can spend less time on manual tasks and more time on resolving customer issues, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Follow the below steps to run a Smooth logistic Process

  • Clearly define your integration goals and objectives to determine the specific features and functionalities you need.

  • Involve key stakeholders from both teams in the integration process to ensure all requirements are met.

  • Conduct regular testing and quality assurance checks to identify and address any issues or errors early on.

  • Provide training and support to your team members to help them adapt to the new integrated workflow seamlessly.


Integrating Freshservice with Monday.com offers a wide range of benefits for logistics businesses looking to enhance their efficiency and productivity. By leveraging the integration features, teams can streamline processes, improve collaboration, and boost overall productivity. To maximize the benefits of the integration, it is essential to carefully plan and execute the integration process, involving key stakeholders and providing adequate training and support to team members. By doing so, businesses can ensure a smooth transition to the integrated workflow and achieve significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

To implement this integration for your business operations, install the app from the marketplace: https://www.freshworks.com/apps/freshservice_monday_com_integration/

Happy integrating!