Optimise Your Workflow: Attachment Manager Plus Integration for Freshdesk and Freshservice on Freshworks Marketplace


Optimise Your Workflow: Attachment Manager Plus Integration for Freshdesk and Freshservice on Freshworks Marketplace

Lee Robinson

Rishabh Singha

- May 9, 2024

5 min read

MAttachment Manager Plus Integration for Freshdesk and Freshservice on Freshworks Marketplace


What is Attachment Manager Plus Exactly? Let us try to understand it using a scenario. Imagine you are running an e-commerce business and are required to consolidate and analyse all the transactions and attachments happening in the industry. Attachments have become necessary for any interaction in today's digital landscape, providing important context and quick resolutions and serving as valuable reference points. However, managing attachments within Freshworks (Freshdesk/Freshworks) alone can be a hassle, hindering the agent's productivity and resulting in frustrations.

This is where Attachment Manager Plus comes into play. This useful Freshdesk/Freshservice app available on the Freshworks marketplace surpasses the limitations of the free attachment manager, offering a comprehensive suite of features that streamline attachment handling and empower your customer support team.

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Attachment Manager Plus Integration for Freshdesk and Freshservice on Freshworks Marketplace

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Attachment Manager Plus Integration for Freshdesk and Freshservice on Freshworks Marketplace

Key Features of Attachment Manager Plus

1. Side Attachment Search :

Attachment Manager Plus allows you to search through the ticket threads in the Freshdesk/Freshservice portal, which are services provided by Freshworks, using specific keywords like “invoice number”, “product image”, or “patient x-ray” eliminating the hassle of searching for particular attachments in the long conversation threads. The app helps you to instantly locate the exact required file, saving you time and ensuring smoother customer issue resolution. Whether using Freshdesk or Freshservice, this feature is integrated within a sidebar that smoothens finding attachments, leading to faster attachment acquisition and more efficient agent support.

2. Filter and Sort Options :

Do you have too many tickets and need help finding the specific attachment? Don’t worry. Attachment Manager Plus has got you covered. It allows the agents to filter attachments in Freshdesk/Freshservice by name, file format, or date and sort them by date and file name, helping them prioritise necessary attachments and organise them better. For example, imagine being able to quickly find critical files like patient records for healthcare, invoices for finance or product images for e-commerce, or logs in tech support; this feature acts like a digital filing cabinet and ensures smoother operations tailored to your industry needs

3. Preview without downloading :

Not sure whether you are downloading the correct attachment? Attachment Manager Plus allows you to preview the attachment before downloading it. It saves time and helps the agents understand customer issues faster. For example, imagine agents quickly glancing through all the pictures the customers sent in as “faulty products received” without needing to download all the attachments.

4. Download Flexibility and Format Support:

Attachment Manager Plus supports all regular formats like xlsx, pdf, docx, jpeg, png, etc. and allows you to download the attachments individually or all at once, providing the convenience of going through the attachments or downloading them in bulk.

5. Selective Format Display :

If you have too many attachments with different file formats, Attachment Manager Plus helps you selectively display a particular type of attachment, allowing agents to focus on essential documents and reduce the distractions caused by irrelevant attachments.

6. Reattach attachments in the Conversation thread :

Attachment Manager Plus simplifies file sharing within the conversation threads by allowing agents to upload files directly in the conversation window, eliminating the need to switch between applications. This convenient feature saves time, keeps conversations focused, and ensures smoother customer collaboration, especially in fast-paced industries like customer support or technical troubleshooting. For example, a tech support agent can effortlessly send a troubleshooting guide to a customer without interrupting the conversation flow, enhancing the overall support experience.

Now that we have discussed Attachment Manager Plus’s features for attachment management let us dive into some of its diverse applications across different industries.

Various use cases of attachment manager plus across different industries (A glance)

1. Healthcare :

  • Quickly locate patient records (e.g., X-ray) with Freshdesk/Freshservice attachment search.
  • Preview medical images directly within Freshdesk/Freshservice

2. E-Commerce :

  • Review product images sent by the customers efficiently regarding order cancellation/refund.
  • Prioritise invoices and receipts with filters for improved Freshdesk/Freshservice efficiency

3. Real Estate :

  • View property photos shared by clients seamlessly
  • Easily access floor plans and surveys

4. IT support :

  • Preview screenshots and logs directly within the conversation thread.
  • Organise diagnostic reports effectively


In conclusion, Attachment Manager Plus, available on the Freshworks marketplace, optimises attachment management tasks within the Freshdesk and Freshservice platforms. Its features simplify handling attachments and enhance the agents' overall productivity and customer satisfaction. From streamlining search capabilities with ticket sidebar search attachment search to offering in-app previews without downloading the attachments for seamless workflows, Attachment Manager Plus caters to diverse industry needs. Whether healthcare, e-commerce, finance, real estate, IT support and many more, this application revolutionises how the attachments are managed, ensuring smoother operations, faster issue resolution, and improved collaboration between agents and customers. By leveraging the power of Attachment Manager Plus, Organizations can elevate their customer support experience and agent productivity to the next level. Here's how to get started with Attachment Manager Plus :

  1. Visit the Freshworks Marketplace: Freshworks Attachment Manager Plus
  2. Explore the detailed features and pricing options of the product
  3. Sign up for a 21-day free trial to experience the transformative power of Attachment Manager Plus firsthand and improve your Freshdesk/Freshservice efficiency.

Happy Integration!