How We Listing Whatsapp Service Provider In LeadSquared CRM With API Wrapper


How We Listing Whatsapp Service Provider In LeadSquared CRM With API Wrapper

Lee Robinson


- September 7, 2022

3 min read

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Leaadsquared a company founded nearly a decade and a half earlier has managed to break the ground yet again by providing a platform for Whatsapp service providers to reach out to various companies. This enables fellow client companies to send various types of messages to different people at the same time. It also helps manage bulk messages to lessen the burden on their fellow clients.

Where we come in

Knowing that Leadsquared provides a solid CRM platform it is not uncommon for a plethora of WhatsApp providers to join. However, there is quite an important issue that needs to be addressed and that is an essential connector. This is where we play an important role by enabling a connector to make the WhatsApp providers register comfortably and allow the clients to access them. That being said, we also have to address the obvious factor of data conversion as in the implementation of an API Wrapper. API wrappers can make working with APIs a lot easier. An API wrapper allows you to use a specific programming language or interface to access an API, which can speed up the process of making API calls. The important role that they play in this case is the summarizing of the information into a shorter form while also converting it to an easier readable and accessible form for the customer.

How do they help

  1. The Leadsquared platform helps send various messages that are divided into 5 kinds that are listed below:
  2. Workflow messages- the kind of messages that are sent to a client in the beginning to initiate conversation.
  3. Live messages- a 1-on-1 conversation between client and customer for reasons such as complaints and queries.
  4. Rich media messages- these messages contain images and pictures and so on. Follow-up messages- these messages are used to follow up with the placed orders or other delivery bills.
  5. Feedback messages- this is post everything that is used to reach out to a customer or client to report the results.

In conclusion

We at Saasly ensure that using us to provide you with a connector will not lead to any side effects rather it would help build a beneficial connection with us just like how our connector will be quite beneficial for you as a client and would be easier to manage as well. The fact that WhatsApp has managed to gain a significant grounding in the social platform because of which the need for these connectors that we provided to get affiliated to Leadsquared play quite a crucial role. So with that being said if there is anything that you think you need to look deeper into then feel free to visit our website.