Connect your Freshdesk to Google My Business|Youtube|Play Store| Integration


Connect your Freshdesk to Google My Business|Youtube|Play Store| Integration

Lee Robinson


- August 5, 2022

3 min read

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The most common problem that people face is usually something that consumes an excess of time and this is not because a particular task is long and annoying rather it is because of frequent maneuvering of pages. The issues it causes leads to frequently increased delays to certain responses. Well, with our solution we offer a sure-shot way to fix that!

The Aim

We aim to ease up the process of replying to your fellow fans or fellow admirers or potential clients. There are multiple ways to solve this however this is where we at Saasly come into play. We created an application that eases up the process with the help of the Freshdesk. Apart from that we also want to ensure there is efficiency and productivity in the entire process and tasks.

The breakthrough

  1. Our product helps provide solutions for those individuals who find it hard to reply to varying comments and reviews. The Freshdesk application creates a ticket for every Review and or comment from 3 platforms, namely; Youtube, Playstore, and Google My Business.
  2. The interesting part is that this prevents the time taken to move from one page to another to reply to various platforms.
  3. Then the reply that is being sent in the Freshdesk solution will be directly displayed to the respective platforms. The best part of google my business is that it has no restriction on location count and gives a weekly summary of all the tickets produced.
  4. Apart from that it also shortlists the required reviews and removes the unnecessary ones while also sending an email reminder if any comment has not been responded to.
  5. When it comes to the case of play store and youtube both function in similar ways their reviews and comments are generated in the form of tickets as mentioned above and they have set time intervals and the replies can be sent via Freshdesk itself.
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Why this?

There are various reasons for such a thing that makes a simple process even easier but considering the potential users are most likely to be companies that use these platforms and depend on the reviews. The use of reviews is quite important given that the content or the updates of the following will be based on those and Responding to them as soon as possible is also crucial given that it would help maintain traction with the audience or the users of their following products.

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Know more?

Saasly offers a straightforward and accessible iPaaS Solution; simply get in touch with us. We are a trusted technology and solution partner for Zendesk, Microsoft, Shopify, Zoho, and Freshworks, focusing on platform integration services and app development. Our expertise shines in delivering iPaaS integration and implementation solutions on a global scale, particularly for seamlessly integrating Custom and Commercial Marketplace applications with SaaS products. Our objective is to optimize and automate your organization's business operations by harnessing the capabilities of iPaaS Solutions, providing more than just a service – a highly productive solution.