Saasly’s HubSpot CRM Connect Pro: Seamless Integration on Zendesk to Elevate Support and Sales Operations


Saasly’s HubSpot CRM Connect Pro: Seamless Integration on Zendesk to Elevate Support and Sales Operations

Lee Robinson

Rishabh Singha

- May 29, 2024

5 min read

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Introduction: HubSpot CRM Pro and Zendesk Integration

In the context of Customer Relationship Management, providing exceptional customer support while effectively managing sales operations is crucial for success. Recognizing this need, Saasly introduces HubSpot CRM Pro, a powerful solution designed to streamline support and sales functions through seamless integration with Zendesk.

Understanding the Integration

The HubSpot CRM Connect Pro and Zendesk integration bridges the gap between support and sales teams by enabling direct access to HubSpot events within Zendesk tickets. This integration simplifies processes, allowing support agents to provide accurate responses without unnecessary involvement from the sales team.

Key Features of HubSpot CRM Pro

1. Contact Sync

Automatically updates contacts when new tickets are created in Zendesk, ensuring that support agents have access to the most current customer information.

2. Sync Control

Offers flexible management of data syncing to accommodate varying organizational needs and preferences.

3. Ticket Updates as HubSpot Activities

Keeps sales teams informed with ticket updates displayed as HubSpot activities, facilitating seamless communication between support and sales departments.

4. Deal Creation from Zendesk

Effortlessly converts customer inquiries into potential sales opportunities by creating deals directly within HubSpot from Zendesk.

5. View Contact Details

Access detailed contact information from HubSpot within Zendesk, empowering support agents to deliver personalized customer interactions.

6. View Contact List

Easily review the list of contacts associated with a specific customer in HubSpot from Zendesk, providing a comprehensive view of customer relationships.

7. Engagements

Access the tickets within Zendesk without switching to a HubSpot account. Future updates will include live sync from HubSpot to Zendesk, enhancing operational efficiency.

Value Proposition of HubSpot CRM Pro

By integrating HubSpot and Zendesk, organizations can optimize workflows and enhance customer interactions. This integration offers the following benefits:

  • Streamlined Information Management: Centralized customer data enables better product design decisions by incorporating preferences, purchase history, and communication records.
  • Improved Customer Understanding: Insights derived from CRM data inform personalized product recommendations and design strategies tailored to individual needs.
  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency: Seamless communication between support and sales teams accelerates deal closure and improves overall sales efficiency.
  • Improved Collaboration: Breaking down silos between departments fosters collaboration and enhances organizational productivity.
  • Customer Satisfaction: By providing timely and accurate support, organizations can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving long- term success.

Use Cases Across Industries

1. E-commerce

In the e-commerce industry, HubSpot CRM Connect Pro facilitates efficient management of customer inquiries and order processing. For example, a customer reaching out with a query about a product can seamlessly transition into a potential sales opportunity, with the support agent creating a deal in HubSpot directly from Zendesk. This integration ensures a smooth customer journey, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

2. Technology

Technology companies benefit from the integration by gaining deeper insights into customer interactions and preferences. Support agents can access detailed contact information and communication records from HubSpot within Zendesk, allowing for personalized support experiences. Additionally, the ability to create deals from Zendesk tickets enables swift identification and pursuit of sales opportunities, contributing to revenue growth and customer retention.

3. Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, where efficient communication and information management are paramount, HubSpot CRM Connect Pro plays a vital role in enhancing patient care and satisfaction. Support agents can seamlessly update ticket information as HubSpot activities, ensuring that relevant stakeholders, including sales teams, are kept informed about customer interactions. This streamlined approach improves collaboration between departments and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.

4. Real Estate

Real estate agencies leverage HubSpot CRM Connect Pro to streamline lead management and deal tracking processes. When a prospective client submits an inquiry through Zendesk, support agents can quickly create a deal in HubSpot, enabling sales teams to follow up promptly. The integration also allows for easy access to customer preferences and communication history, facilitating personalized interactions and increasing the likelihood of successful property transactions.


In conclusion, Saasly’s HubSpot CRM Connect Pro offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to enhance their support and sales functions. By seamlessly integrating with Zendesk, this solution empowers teams to optimize workflows, improve collaboration, and deliver exceptional customer experiences across various industries. Whether in e- commerce, technology, healthcare, or real estate, the benefits of HubSpot CRM Pro are evident in driving operational efficiency, increasing revenue, and fostering long-term customer relationships. Here's how to get started with Hubspot on Zendesk :

  1. Visit the Zendesk Marketplace: Zendesk Marketplace
  2. Explore the detailed features and pricing options of the product
  3. Sign up for a free trial to experience Hubspot CRM Connect Pro on Zendesk firsthand and improve your Customer Support efficiency. Happy Integration!