HubSpot CRM Connect PRO by Saasly



HubSpot CRM Connect PRO by Saasly

Automatically syncs Zendesk tickets with your HubSpot contacts (Bi-Directional Sync)


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Overview :

  • This integration adds support ticket activity from Zendesk to HubSpot's CRM timeline.


  • Contact Sync: Automatically updates contacts when new tickets are created in Zendesk, ensuring current customer information.

  • Sync Control: Flexible management of data syncing to suit your needs.

  • Ticket Updates as HubSpot Activities: Keep sales informed with ticket updates as HubSpot activities, fostering seamless communication between support and sales teams.

  • Deal Creation from Zendesk: Effortlessly convert customer inquiries into potential sales opportunities by creating deals in HubSpot directly from Zendesk.

  • View contact details: Access detailed contact information from HubSpot within Zendesk for better customer interactions.

  • View Contact List: Easily see the list of contacts associated with a specific contact in HubSpot from Zendesk, providing a comprehensive view of customer relationships.

  • Engagements : Access the CRUD operations inside Zendesk without switching to a Hubspot account. Current Sync from Hubspot to Zendesk is in development; in future updates, we can expect this feature to live.


  • Optimize workflows and enhance customer interactions by integrating HubSpot and Zendesk.

  • Improve efficiency in support and sales operations for better overall performance

Benefits of using this integration:

  • Streamlined Information Management: CRM centralized customer data for product design, including preferences, purchase history, and communication records.
  • Improved Customer Understanding: CRM data insights inform personalized product recommendations and design strategies tailored to individual needs
  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Customer Satisfaction

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