Is Asset Management Simple? Yes, Saasly Will Assist You With That


Is Asset Management Simple? Yes, Saasly Will Assist You With That

Lee Robinson


- November 3, 2022

5 min read

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Assets are something that all companies value more than anything. A company has assets in different ways some might be physical while others might be in the form of virtual elements such as cryptocurrency, software materials, and so on. The problem arises when there is a need to keep a track of what are the movable assets and fixed assets and how many they are and where they are spread out, that's where Saasly comes to your aid.

What kind of assets that we manage

The assets can be defined in multiple forms for example some of them can be in the form of varying services such as; IT services, Email services, hosting services, support services, and so on. Next comes the physical assets such as; printers, laptops, computers, fax machines, Routers, Scanners, and so on. Finally, we have software-based assets like; Firewall, Mac OS, MySQL, Operating System, Microsoft office, etc. In a small company, there are only limited assets but as a company grows the range, variety, quantity, and placement of these assets need to be constantly tracked. The issue that will arise due to improper tracking, in the long run, is that they may waste funds not knowing whether they have it already or not, and then secondly not being aware of what assets the company has could cause potential confusion.

The division of how the physical assets are managed

The assets that we are talking about can be divided into several factors such as the products that are being used in the office such as printers, laptops, and so on. The Freshservice allows you to manage the entire process by cataloging the entire set of products. This can also be applied to the software that is being implemented. The advantage is that it will allow you to segregate and divide all the different kinds of products. The next thing is that the service allows you to segregate and organize your vendors as they also count as assets that are moveable and can be given up. A product-based company will have a great need to keep track of their vendors and at the same time, there is a good deal of service-based companies that also have a fair deal of vendors who help with certain development points.

The segregation of other assets

Assets can also come in different kinds for example the relationships that you have with fellow clients and other potential clients and employees. All of them can be considered valuable assets as that might greatly vary based on how they have necessarily affected the company's growth or how their involvement has given the company a significant impact and allowed them to overcome complexities. These assets can be sorted based on their respective fields and the type of assets they are this would be a great boon to all the companies that need to respectively segregate all their assets into different categories. This is quite important given this allows for work efficiency.

Financial asset management

The fresh services allow the user to arrange the assets in order of depreciation(as the asset goes down in value) to make it easier for the user to sort them out. In terms of organization it is arranged as; Declining balance, Straight line, Sum-of-years-digits-method. The contracts can also be classified further into different types; lease, maintenance, and software license. If any of the other contracts fall outside these parameters you can add custom setups to ease that burden off your shoulders. This will also help you segregate it based on business and so on.

Asset module

Within the application, there are a few different accessible settings that can be used. For instance, within the module, there is an option called inventory that helps in keeping a track of physical assets. While also helps you to keep a track of virtual assets such as software and contracts. Finally, the application allows the user to have a detailed idea as to what the assets are when they were acquired and more details about them. That's not all, while it is not hard to integrate two different applications because there might be a good chance that another asset application is in use. So we at Saasly take away the burden of integrating both domains to allow the user to swiftly transfer and move around assets between both domains.


With this, we can safely come to a summarised conclusion that the Freshservice that is being provided would help a great deal, and we at Saasly will help you safely and securely integrate it into your systems to make it accessible for the required members.