What surprised me about Freshworks SDK and APIs!


What surprised me about Freshworks SDK and APIs!

Lee Robinson


- January 27, 2021

4 min read


Hello all 🙂

I am Rajeswaran, a Full-stack web developer in Spritle Software. Before joining this company, I had no prior knowledge of Freshworks and their products. Once I joined, I really started to wonder how helpful the Freshworks SDK and their API. Since then, I am learning new things day by day. As per our company’s slogan - Let’s grow together apart from the work I have learned a lot in the past few months.

I’m really surprised to see how work is getting done with fewer efforts using Freshworks Developer Platform. Automation is a perfect example of this. It's been a lifesaver for many of their customers.

I have had a chance to work on several apps. Among them, I have listed some of them below

  • Scheduler app - A custom app which allows us to create as many One time/Recursive schedules as possible.
  • Contract Management - It helps the admin track the time spent by support agents on Freshdesk tickets.
  • Youtube - Freshdesk for Mint - It helps us reply and manage YouTube comments from Freshdesk itself.

These apps are developed to enhance the workflow and ease the experience of the support agents. And there are a lot more apps which can help us in specific tasks and activity to get it done in the easiest way.

In Freshworks, we can simply automate our daily tasks and activities. Here, I need to mention my first project which is a Freshchat app titled Agent Assigner on Priority. This app is a perfect example of workflow automation. The app will assign the conversation to the agents who are currently online depending on their conversation handling limit (number of conversations an agent can handle). If no agents are available, it will assign as soon as they become available. It automated the process of assigning conversations manually to the agents.

Another app I worked on is Auto Start Timer. It will keep track of the time spent by the agent on a ticket. It eased the pain of manually logging time every time which is quite a frustrating task. Not only this, but there are also a lot more useful apps which can help to automate your workflow.

Another cool feature of the Freshworks is the ability to integrate with other CRMs, Web Service and many more. Freshworks designed their product to cope with other API Services and provided the user with the freedom to integrate almost all Web services with it. I have listed some of the apps I worked on

It allows us to see the customer’s information right inside the Freshworks product. All these features again made me fall in love with the Freshworks products.

I must confess this, Freshworks apps are a game-changer. In a nutshell, Freshworks allows us to make use of their service to a large extent. With this, we offered service to the clients with 100+ custom apps. Apart from that, we have published many apps across different Freshworks products which include some of the top paid apps in the Freshdesk marketplace. We have been a preferred solution partner for Freshworks since 2017.


Thanks for spending your valuable time in my blog.  If you liked my post and have any feedback or thoughts to share, you are welcome to add a comment or send an email to  fw-support@spritle.com .

Have a great day!🙂