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By integrating Google My Business, TrustPilot and Hubspot into your Freshdesk, you get 30% discounts on each product.

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Google My Business

Integrate and reply to your Google Business Reviews and Questions from Freshdesk.

Integrating Google My Business into Freshdesk will enable you to handle the reviews/questions of Google My Business location in Freshdesk.

Top Features

  • No restriction on Google/Location count. Integrate as many Google accounts and corresponding locations as needed.
  • Get a weekly report about the number of reviews created as tickets.
  • Get an analytical overview of the tickets created through the app in the full-page app.
  • Get instant email notifications if the ticket creation is failing.
  • Get notified through a note in the ticket if a reply is not sent.

Trustpilot - Freshdesk for Mint

Automatically create Freshdesk tickets for every review of your service on Trustpilot.

This integration allows you to create Freshdesk tickets out of reviews your customers leave on Trustpilot. Once the tickets are created an agent can directly reply to the review from Freshdesk. The reply from your Freshdesk agent is added as a reply to the review on Trustpilot.

Top Features

  • The user configures the app by entering the Freshdesk API key, Subdomain, Trustpilot credentials, etc.
  • Multiple Trustpilot Accounts/ Business domains are integrated with Freshdesk accounts.
  • For every five minutes the app will fetch the reviews and tickets are created.
  • Tickets are created based on user-defined star ratings.
  • The user can reply to the reviews by adding a reply in Freshdesk.

Hubspot CRM

Integrating Hubspot with Freshdesk enables you to keep your support and sales teams up to date.

This app allows two-way integration of Hubspot CRM and Freshdesk. It allows you to view some contact details from Hubspot on Freshdesk and view details about the ticket on Hubspot's contact timeline.

Top Features

  • New contacts Created on Freshdesk be automatically created within Hubspot
  • Updates on Freshdesk on a contact level automatically update within Hubspot
  • new company be created on Freshdesk populate on Hubspot
  • Updates on Freshdesk on an associated company level automatically update within Hubspot
  • View Freshdesk tickets within Hubspot
  • Any ticket activities or updates that are captured within Hubspot
  • Ability to segregate contacts within the installation
  • When the CSAT rating is added to Freshdesk, Activity will be added to the Contact Timeline